Wyll Meaning & Definition: Uses & Examples

Wyll Meaning

Don’t know what Wyll means in slang? All Slang Words have everything you need to know. Learn why Wyll slang is used for, along with examples.

Having trouble understanding what WYLL means in texting? Interested in knowing what it means in texting? We have the answers you’ve been looking for. In this article, we are going to explain what it means and give you some examples of how it can be used in text messaging.

As time goes on, internet users create more and more slang terms. Today, we have a new slang term called WYLL that was invented by Snapchat users. At first, everyone was confused. Users thought that it was an informal way to say “will.” But that’s not what it actually is.

In this article, we will address all your questions regarding WYLL on Snapchat, TikTok and other social media platforms.

What does WYLL Mean in Texting?

WYLL stands for “What you look like?”. When people text someone but don’t know what they look like, they ask that question. This phrase is shortened just like any other texting phrase you use. It is commonly used on dating apps as well.

Source: Tenor

WYLL Meaning on Social Media (Snapchat, Tiktok etc)

As long as you stay within the limitations of the application, social media is full of slang and acronyms that indicate something particular.

In today’s world, the Internet is almost our language because we communicate primarily via the Internet. Internet English is a more relaxed language with many truncations. Be aware that countless Internet slangs are mispronounced or misused before you dive into it.

What Does WYLL Means on Snapchat?

WYLL in Snapchat means “What You Look like”. Its quite similar with the popular slang “WYL” on snapchat which means “Whatever You Like”.

Its means the same on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. However, its more popular on Snapchat.

Examples of WYLL

Example 1

Andrew – I like what you’ve said, but WYLL?
Jenny – I’ll send you a photo in a minute!

Example 2

Kamran – What would you like to order, Sarmad?
Sarmad – umm, Wyl. Its up to you.

Alternative Meanings of Wyll

Some other meanings can be derived from it, but they are less common such as:

  • Obsolete spelling of (Will).
  • Whatever you like (WYL)
  • A Radio Station – WYLL is a commercial AM radio station that airs “Christian talk and teaching” station in Chicago, Illinois owned by Salem Communications according to Wikipedia.

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We hope that your misunderstandings have been cleared with Wyll meaning since it has 2-3 different meanings on internet. If this articles comes out to be helpful for you, do share it with your friends.

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