NFSOT Meaning & Definition: Usage & Examples

NFSOT Meaning

Ever heard NFSOT but don’t know its meaning?

NFSOT is an eBay listing title abbreviation that indicates that the seller does not want to sell or trade their item. It’s usually written in uppercase letters, but there are different variations used by sellers.

In this article, we’ll see what NFSOT stands for and why its used with examples.

NFSOT Meaning & Definition

NFSOT is a common acronym used in eBay listing titles. It stands for “Not For Sale or Trade,” and written in uppercase letters. It indicates that the item being sold is not available for sale or trade at any time during the listing period.

When someone lists an item as NFSOT, it means that the seller is not interested in selling or trading the item. The acronym can be abbreviated NFSOT or NSFT (not for swap).

The NFSOT acronym can be placed anywhere in the title of your auction, including at the beginning and end of your item’s descriptive text, as well as in between sentences (for example: “A fantastic piece of art!”). However, eBay has some rules regarding what you can use it for:

You must wait until after you’ve finished writing your description before adding any words related to whether or not this particular product is up for sale/trade; otherwise you’ll be breaking one of their policies about how often certain abbreviations should appear in listings’ titles.

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What Does NFSOT Actually Mean?

You’ve probably seen this acronym NFSOT in eBay listings. In fact, it’s pretty common for sellers to use the phrase “Not For Sale Or Trade” in their eBay listing descriptions. However, it is not only limited to eBay but widely used over other ecommerce platforms as well.

What does “Not For Sale Or Trade” mean? The meaning behind this word is that you’re selling something that isn’t yours and won’t be sold by another person or company. It means you’ve been given permission by the owner of whatever item(s) are being listed on ebay and they have expressed interest in purchasing them from you at some point down the road when they need/want them (which may not be anytime soon).

NFSOT Usage & Examples

The acronym NFSOT is written in uppercase letters and means “Not for sale or trade”. It’s used to communicate that someone is not available for sale, not available to be traded, or does not want to sell their product/service at all. This can be useful for companies who want to keep their employees from being poached by competitors or coworkers.

Not For Sale or Trade Examples

Sarmad: Please make a bill for this item.
Kamran: Sorry sir, this item is NFSOT.

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Andrew: Is it available to purchase from the market?
Maryam: Umm, this is NFSOT sir. (Educational purposes only)


In conclusion, NFSOT is an acronym that you will encounter mostly in eBay listing titles. It is a common acronym used to indicate that the seller of an item is not interested in selling or trading it and therefore, it should be listed as “Not for Sale” or “Not For Trade”.

We hope now that NFSOT is clear to you. If you still have any confusions, feel free to let us know in the comments section. Share the word to your fams.

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