IYKYK Meaning: Usage & Examples

IYKYK Meaning

There’s absolutely no dearth of innovative lexical items to add to the digital slang glossary, and indeed the web is brimming with colloquial phrases. These days, the term “IYKYK” is used by TikTokers to refer to a wide variety of in-jokes shared within the community. In fact, there have been over 3.5 billion hits on TikTok with the hashtag #iykyk.

Approximately how many of you, meanwhile, upon first encountering the initials “IYKYK”, paused to consider what they may mean? If it’s the latter, you’ve arrived at the best spot. Read this page to find out the meaning of the initialism “IYKYK” (“IYKYK Meaning”), where it came from firsthand and some examples of how you might incorporate it into a conversation. In this article, I’ll cover a few of the various applications of this acronym. There appears to be little use in further hesitation, so let’s dive right into the specifics.

IYKYK Meaning / IYKYK Definition

“If You Know, You Know” is shortened to “IYKYK”, to signify that perhaps a remark or piece of information contains an inside sarcastic comment or a pointer that merely a limited number of individuals will get. This phrase or initialism is placed at the end of the sentence or item in question. It’s common practice to perform this action with no justification.

IYKYK Meaning / IYKYK Definition

“If you had been there, you’d know; whereas if you weren’t, you would not really. Adolescent nonsense, for sure” is how Urban Dictionary describes the colloquialism “IYKYK”. As an acronym, “IYKYK” is frequently seen in texting and social media comments, commonly as the hashtag #iykyk. It’s an abbreviation, but it’s usually pronounced as if it were the entire phrase.

Besides, it can be utilized in conjunction with other forms of topics that are aimed at individuals who comprehend the jest or links being expressed, such as an inside pun, rumors, elusive references, parodies, relatively innocuous photographs and snapshots, and numerous others.

IYKYK History & Origin

“If You Know, You Know” is simplified as “IYKYK”. People on social media (netizens) have been using the acronym “iykyk” dating back to at least 2009, apart from its popularity peaking in the middle of the 2010s. “IYKYK” is not as old as several of the other online acronyms I define here on this website.

In December of 2016, much further into the era of digitalization, this initialism and catchphrase made its debut appearance on Urban Dictionary. A few years down the line, it became a common term after first emerging in postings on social networking sites that year.

Moreover, “If You Know You Know”, a track by United States rapper Pusha T released in 2018, is credited with popularizing the euphemism. In 2020, “IYKYK” skyrocketed in popularity; thanks to a trending TikTok hashtag where people created content for niche demographics. At the earlier start of 2020, the phrase reached its highest popularity on Google Trends.

However, the context in which this terminology is used nowadays is very different. You may utilize this slang expression to grab the attention of your readers or viewers, which really is among its most intriguing features. Putting up a snapshot or quotation with the wording “If You Know, You Know” or the hashtag “#iykyk” as a caption is all that’s required. If you post something like that, I guarantee that every single one of your followers will become intrigued and slide into your DM to ask you what’s wrong.

IYKYK Meaning on Social Media & Texting

The hashtag or the acronym “IYKYK” is frequently utilized in numerous internet posts to denote that the post contains some inside prank or counterpoint that only a specific selected group of people would actually know. The initialism “IYKYK” was created as internet shorthand. This abbreviation, like the viral jokes that flood social networking sites, has found a home in online discussion boards like Reddit.

The idea behind this terminology is that some listeners will understand exactly what you mean, whereas others will be completely lost. To those in the know, whether you’re using Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, this jargon means exactly the same thing.

IYKYK Meaning on Social Media & Texting

Most of the time, when individuals say “IYKYK,” they’re referring to a particular prank, television series, or even personal experience. It also has the potential to allude to an inside quip that only a select few people get. Whether you’re using “IYKYK” in a written piece, a comment, or even a verbal exchange, keep in mind that you’re referring to a subject that, in theory, everybody must already understand.

The most common contexts for the employment of this slang are while discussing a novel that few people actually read, a quotation that only some people could comprehend, or a reference that just your close buddies and acquaintances would get. You might use “IYKYK” to make your pals laugh out loud with parodies and gags, too.

IYKYK Usage & Examples

“IYKYK” is a popular saying that is often used online and in text speak. It stands for “If You Know, You Know”. It is typically used to describe something that is only known or understood by a certain group of people. “IYKYK” is often used as a response to someone who is asking for information that the person doesn’t have. Moreover, it can also be used as a way to boast about knowing something that others don’t or to make someone feel included or excluded. 

For example, if you are at a party and someone asks you what the music is, you might say “IYKYK, it’s Kanye West”. This would let the person know that you are in on the joke and that they should probably know who Kanye West is. Likewise, someone might say, “IYKYK, the new album by Drake is fire”, to indicate that only people who are familiar with Drake’s music would understand how good it is.

“IYKYK” can also be used sarcastically. For example, someone might say “IYKYK, I don’t really care about the Kardashians”, to show that they actually do care about them, or “IYKYK, I’m not really sure what that acronym means”, to indicate that they actually do know what it means. In general, “IYKYK” is a versatile saying that can be applied to express a range of emotions and intentions. So, if you come across it in a text or on social media, take a moment to consider what the person might be trying to say, before responding.

IYKYK Examples

  • “IYKYK, the new CEO, is a total micromanager”.
  • “IYKYK, you need at least five years of experience to get that IT job in LA”.
  • “IYKYK, the best place to get coffee in this town, is Joe’s Diner”.
  • “If you want to get tickets to the concert, you must know someone who works for the venue. IYKYK!”
  • “Chicago Eagle lovers still having 60-5 flashbacks”. #iykyk
  • “This snowstorm is hardly anything in comparison to what happened in 2015. IYKYK”
  • “I can say without a doubt that our time in Las Vegas was unforgettable”. #IYKYK
  • “As in, when the premiere episode is even scarier than you feared. IYKYK!”
  • “So, I’m done with online dating for good. IYKYK!”
  • “What a wild night on the town we had!” #iykyk
  • “That explains where Jenny’s pants went!” #IYKYK
  • “Oh, what a wonderful time we had over the past weekend, filled with laughter and cherished moments”. #IYKYK
  • “Whenever the novel’s ending deviates wildly from expectations”. #iykyk
  • “I won’t be repeating that mistake”. #IYKYK
  • “Sadly, one more Marvel character has met its end – IYKYK”.
  • “In our conversation yesterday evening, we began reminiscing about the past week. IYKYK!”

Other Meanings for IYKYK

  • IYKYK – If You Kazoo, You Kill
  • IYKYK – If You Kill Your Koyote
  • IYKYK – If You Know, You Klark
  • IYKYK – Informational Yaks Kill Young Kids
  • IYKYK – Intersexual Youths Killed Your Kids
  • IYKYK – Infinite Young Kangaroos Yelp Keenly
  • IYKYK – Issac Yewton Knits Young Kindergartners
  • IYKYK – Inter-Dimensional Yaks Kick Your Kittens

Related Slangs

  • AYK (As You Know)
  • DYK (Do You Know)
  • LYK (Let You Know)
  • JSUK (Just So You Know)
  • YKHII (You Know How It Is)
  • UKWIM (You Know What I Mean)
  • YKWIS (You Know What I’m Saying)
  • DYKWIM (Do You Know What I Mean)
  • IYKWIM (If You Know What I Mean)

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In conclusion, “If you know, you know”, this phrase can have a lot of different meanings depending on the context. In general, it’s used to describe something that only those in the know will understand or appreciate. It can be used to show off your knowledge about a subject, to bond with others over shared experiences, or simply to tease someone who doesn’t know what you’re talking about. Next time you hear someone saying “if you know, you know”, or using the caption, i.e., “#iykyk” take a moment to think about what they could be referring to. Chances are, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

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