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Don’t know the FAM meaning in Slang? All Slang Words have everything you need to know. Learn why FAM slang is used for, along with examples.

As with many phrases, the ones who have inappropriately appropriated and overused “fam” often become the ones who declare it dead as soon as it becomes popular vernacular.

In terms of slang trends, you may still wonder, “What does ‘Fam’ mean?” First of all, it is almost as old as slang itself.

Fam Definition & Origin

Informal – Family
In the Maldives, he met her while on vacation with his Fam.

In English, fam has become a shorthand for the family for biological relationships, but in Black English, fam has been slang for the “people” of one. The term is also commonly used in urban British slang.

A Twitter account called @WorldStarFunny (Suspended Now) posted an image in 2014 of a man with a strange haircut captioned: “He sat in the barbers’ chair and just cursed at everyone.”. The meme spread and now pictures with unusual hairstyles and captions featuring fam are everywhere.

2016 marked another big milestone for the Fam. There have been many discussions about it on Reddit, including an article about new slang on MTV. It spread quickly through social media, especially.

What Does “Fam” Mean In Slang?

The term “Fam,” short for “Family,” doesn’t really refer to your blood/domestic family such as parents, siblings, or other relatives. However, it means close friends or family members. The people you love the most, the family you have chosen, and the ones who are always there for you.

Fam Examples

Following are some examples of the slang term “Fam”.

  • Hey, fam! You’re part of AllslangWords.com. Don’t worry!
  • These guys are all part of my fam.
  • My family is mostly in Chicago.
Source: GIPHY News

FAM Meaning in Texting & Social Media

FAM means “Family” but It is most common to define FAM as a “close friend” on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. The term FAM refers to a close friend.

Nowadays, there have been a lot use of this slang term by people to define close one’s etc.

Other Acronyms for FAM Slang

  • FAM – Fresh Aer Movement (band)
  • FAM – Food & A Movie
  • FAMFurcadia Alt-Market (online community)
  • FAM – Food Acquisition Mode (common use at Atari Games in the early 1980s; self-referential pun)
  • FAM – Forever about Money (band)
  • FAM – Familiarization
  • FAM – For A Minute

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does FAM mean on Tiktok?

“Fam,” though short for “family,” does not refer to your biological relatives; instead, it refers to the people who are particularly important or close to you

Is it okay to say FAM?

It is technically shortened from the word “family,” but it does not refer to your mom, dad, or sister. In your life, the term “fam” describes the people who are close to you: friends, family, and acquaintances.

What is the Meaning of I Got You FAM?

Fam is a slang term that means friend or family. Most commonly, it is used to mean “I got you, bro”. (Note that “I got you” means to help, not to play a joke.)

How do you use FAM in a sentence?

An informal term. A close friend or group of friends considered family: These guys are all my family. family: I spend most of my time with my fam in New York.

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