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ew Meaning

Looking for the Ew Meaning? Ew is an interjection that means something extremely disgusting or to express revulsion. See ewww examples here.

Looking for the EW meaning? Wondering why EWW expression is used? Well, this is not like the other slangs which one needs to search on Google etc.

As the name signifies, Ew is easy to guess which means an expression of something that is disgusting. Whenever people think something is unpleasant or horrible, they use EWW.

EW Meaning & Definition

Ew is an interjection that means something extremely disgusting or to express revulsion. It is an exclamation of disgust which often appears in text messages and social media posts, accompanied by the shaking head emoji. 

The word has been around for a long time. It was originally used as an exclamation of disgust by people speaking English before it became more widely known in other languages.

Ew has several meanings, but it is commonly used as an expression of revulsion or distaste, or to express skepticism or disapproval.

EW History & Origin

The word eww has been in use since at least the early 20th century, but its meaning changed over time. In the early 1900s it was used only as a sound effect; later on it came to mean something similar to “gross.” Today almost everyone knows what ew means—but how did we get there?

Since ew is a common interjection in American English, it can be difficult to define exactly where its origin lies. However, It may have originally derived from yew, which means “ewe” (the female sheep). Alternatively, it may have come from an earlier combination of “ugh” and “ew” that was used as a curse or exclamation. In any case, ew is an extremely versatile word that has become part of our language over time—and one that you’ll want to learn how to use effectively!

This word was first used in the early 19th century as an exclamation of surprise or disgust. The OED defines ew as “an expression of disgust; a strong expression of dislike, aversion, etc.; a cry raised when someone is hurt, frightened, comically astonished”

The origin of this word is somewhat murky. It might have come from Egyptian hieroglyphics that showed up on monuments in ancient Egypt (the “ewwww” face).

Another theory suggests it came from Welsh roots meaning “untidy,” which could explain why most people say eww instead of ew!

According to Etymonline, the word was used as an “exclamation of disgust or aversion” in 1823. It may have originally derived from yew (the name of a tree) and then evolved into a slang term.

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EWW Usage & Examples

The expression ‘Ew’ is one of the most commonly used words in American English. It can be used either as a standalone sentence or as an interjection, and it is generally used to express disgust, revulsion or disbelief.

It’s often used when someone makes something disgusting or repulsive. 
For example: “ew! That smells terrible!”

You might also hear ew being used as part of other phrases like “ewww”.
For example: “She looked so gross!”

Ew can be used as a stand-alone declarative sentence (“Ew!”) or as an interjection. 
For Example: “Uh…ew, I don’t think so.”

Ew/Eww/Ewww/Eeww/Eewww – Which one is right?

Eww, Ewww, Eewww, and all other related words refers to the same meaning of Ew which means disgusting. Just the difference is that some people express their feelings with saying Ew only. While others can use in variations.

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The word ew has multiple meanings and uses. It can be used in a friendly tone to express surprise, disapproval or amusement. The word is also commonly used by teenagers when they are trying not to say something that would be considered rude or embarrassing.

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