Bing Bong Meaning: Usage & Examples

bing bong meaning

Ever heard the word “Bing Bong” on the Internet but not sure what bing bong means? Recently got flipped off on TikTok for lip synchronizing to a male voice aggressively shouting, “Bing Bong!”?

You might need a little explanation about that, if you haven’t been keeping up with TikTok trends. The anthem of the “For You” page is getting quite popular. On TikTok, the meaning of “bing bong” can change rapidly, and it can mean nothing at all.

In this article, we’ll see Bing Bong meaning in detail and why it is used along with the examples.

Bing Bong Meaning / Bing Bong Definition

Any type of average item is said to be a ‘bing bong,’ which means it is both something and nothing at the same time.

Those who have been to NYC will know the “Bing Bong” sound of the NYC Subway doors. This exact sound has become a viral trend on TikTok thanks to Instagram star, “Side talk”, whose one-minute videos are making people laugh.

Bing Bong History & Origin

The phrase “bing bong” first appeared in an interview with a random New York Knicks fan named Jordie Bloom on October 20, 2021 after a thrilling game against the Boston Celtics.

Bloom’s excited shout of “Bing bong!” went viral on social media, after which the term “Bing bong!” was explained to be the sound made when a subway car door closes over the speakers.

As a result of the euphoric video’s viral success, the Knicks, their players, and their fans have adopted the term “bing bong” as a rallying cry, particularly on Twitter and TikTok. New Yorkers, as a whole, have even adopted it, even saying that people can only use it if they are New Yorkers.

Until 2021, Bing bong was a gibberish expression that rose to prominence. Trump used it in a speech about special interest campaign donors in 2015, when it had no particular meaning. As Trump said, “Jeb Bush, Hillary, or one of these politicians, all controlled by lobbyists and special interests—and donors, people like me, from previous months—total control.” You know what that means, do you?” Bing bing, bong bong bong.

Many internet users were confused by Trump’s sound effects, despite his stated intention. Although he has not explained why he used the word bing bong, it might be due to the fact that Inside Out, a popular Disney/Pixar film, had a character named Bing Bong in it.

As well as drawing inspiration from the “Bing Bong song,” the Peppa Pig television show has used it since the early 2000s. The onomatopoeia ding, which mimics the sound of cash registers, as well as ding-dong, a reduplication of slang for stupid people, may also be used in Bing bong.

A CNN Vine clip about Trump’s bing bong was shared across the web the day after he said it. Its been a shorthand for Trump’s long and rambling speech patterns (terrific, moron, very, great, bing bong, etc.).

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Bing Bong Meaning on Social Media

The phrase “bing bong” can be commonly used on social media platforms to indicate excitement, emphasis, or a point. People primarily express themselves in person or on social media, especially TikTok and Twitter. However, it can also be used randomly in other contexts.

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Why did Bing Bong Became so Popular on TikTok and Twitter?

A Knicks fan’s excitement has caused TikTokers all over the world to be unable to resist the urge to say “bing bong”. It got quickly picked up by users on TikTok, which means anything can inspire a trend on the platform.

Some people expanded the phrase with their own scripts along with the sound, while others recreated the original clip using the sound. Within minutes, social media was flooded with thousands of clip-sharing videos of Bing Bong.

For players and fans, bing bong is now the Knicks’ rallying cry. The Side Talk NYC crew went to Madison Square Garden to see how the fans are celebrating after the Boston Celtics’ season-opening win. This self-proclaimed “one-minute street show” toured NYC to see how supporters reacted. Funny man Jordie Bloom looked straight into the camera and said: “Bing bong!”

The phrase has now been adopted by thousands of Knicks fans, and the team’s official Twitter account has also gotten in on the fun. As part of the tweet, they included a short video of a player effortlessly dunk with the caption: “Bing bong”.

Bing Bong Usage & Examples

Bing bong is a common expression found online today, where it is often used as a comment or a hashtag when discussing posts or comments on social media platforms.

The phrase meaning is called as nonsensical, so you can use it whenever. However, it is most commonly used when people are excited about something, for example, when a crush says “yes” to a date. In addition, it can be used to emphasize a statement, such as a hot take, a tweet sult, or an IDGAF-style mic drop.

Side talk (@sidetalknyc) uses this catchphrase in every episode of its show to imitate the sound of New York City subway doors closing.

Bing bong can also be used to show pity or make fun of an unfortunate event; when sad statements are made.

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Bing Bong Examples

  • What a crazy upset for the New York Knicks! Bing Bong!
  • Bing Bong!!!, I can’t believe, she said yes.
  • Tell them I’m going hard up there, bing bong!
  • F**k Ya, Life. Bing Bong!

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