200+ American Slang Words & Phrases

American Slang Words and Phrases

Studying in America or planning a USA trip? Understanding american slang words is essential. We’ve compiled a list of slang words spoken in USA.

Do you watch YouTube videos in your free time for English learning and improving your English comprehension? Are you familiar with most of the american slang words and phrases used in TV shows, movies and songs of American culture? 

In America, there are fifty states with unique demographics, personalities, and cultures, making casual speech in American dialect a fascinating study in linguistics. Therefore, if you’re not familiar with any of these terms, then you’re not alone. 

Read on to explore popular, common slang words used in America.

The Importance of Knowing American Slang

Slang is widely used in the United States. Parents might use it to communicate with their grandchildren. The use of slang may be acceptable within a group or used to deliberately confuse outsiders. Tweets, and Instagram reels may be used by influencers or aspiring influencers to reach audiences.

As a result of sorrowful events throughout American history, as well as changing demographics, new phrases and words continue to enter the American lexicon. Even people from the United States are struggling to keep up, especially those who avoid social media as much as possible.

The following are some American colloquialisms you should know:

  • Become more familiar with American culture
  • Become fluent in American English and able to converse in it
  • Communicate clearly in order to avoid misunderstandings
  • Openly and freely communicate – especially in the United States

Slangs Commonly Used in America

Here are some American slang words that were developed over time and influenced by migration patterns, media, and current events.

American Slang Words

CrashSleep or pass out
SimpSomeone who goes overboard for the people they like
FuzzSlang term for police commonly used by white teenagers running from the police
White-CollarA job that does not require manual labor, such as a lawyer or accountant
Dope!Awesome or cool
SpoxSpokesperson or a speaker.
HobnobSocially, usually with people of higher status.
SaltyThe feeling of jealousy (for someone else)
GucciStyle-conscious, Trending
LemonPerson of bad character
ShadySuspicious or Uncertain
WastedA drunken person who is intoxicated
FinstaAn Instagram account that appears to be fake or private
Dms’Direct messages
SwoleMuscular physique
ShookIn a state of emotional distress/shaken
DudeA guy, man.
SteezStyle with ease
Poppin’Exceptional or Excellent
CopiumAn artificial drug made to ease the pain of loss and failure in twitch users
Oops!It’s when someone screwed up or makes a mistake.
CurveThe act of refusing someone’s advances (such as an advance from a classmate)
Yeet!A sign of excitement
Low-keyA modest appearance is something you want to avoid highlighting
Blue-CollarManual labor jobs, like farming and mining
AirheadPerson who is stupid/foolish
YuppieA young white-collar professional from an urban area
CoolGreat, Nice
LitIntoxicated/Drunk, or superb/best.
SmolAn adorable/small size
Yikes!That’s impossible! I can’t believe it
CramBecome a study addict, studying hard.
FleekExcellent, stylish design
FlexShowing off something
WigWhat a great idea!
BaeLoved one or best friend
StanA Dedicated fan
Period.No Argument. Discussion ends. (For Example: If you want something, go get it. Period. ~ Famous quote from the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness
SnatchedQuite nice and cool
DankExcellent. Memes that are highly bizarre or played out are also considered Dank
LewkSomeone’s personal style
Yas!(With joy) Yes!
WA Win/Victory
LA loss
CheugyFashionable no more
BombDelicious, really good
FinnaI’m gonna, or I’m going to.
WackNot cool, bad
TurntAn intoxicated, energized state of mind
WokeRecognizing potential injustices
SnackAn attractive person
CrayA crazy person
SlayDo well, win
BoujeeExpensive and fancy
SickGreat, cool
GhostStart ignoring suddenly
WhizSomeone who is smart
ChickenAn incompetent/coward.
ExFormer girlfriend or boyfriend
ScoreObtain what you desire
BabeWoman with an attractive appearance
BummerA disappointing experience
WhipAutomobile such as car.
HipTrendy and popular

Popular American Slang Phrases

A country has its own slang, as do multiple places within a country. In the US, there are terms that are popular nationally and terms that are regionally or locally specific.

Let’s see what works with Americans before we attempt to speak like we’re from Brooklyn or Chicago.

Never mindIt’s time for a change of topic
No big dealNothing to worry about
No sweatNot a problem
A turn offAn aspect of someone or somewhere you dislike
You betEmphasizes a statement or means “certainly”. Responding to such statement can be “You’re welcome”, “Absolutely”, “Sure” etc.
I don’t buy itBeing unconvinced; disagreeing. Hard to believe.
Keep in touchWhen leaving someone, keep in touch means to stay in contact.
Couch potatoSomeone who watches television all the time
Hang outSpend time with friends and family
Once in a blue moonRarely, Not often
I’m beatBeing tired or exhausted over something
Get hitchedTo get married
Kiss assThe key to winning someone’s approval by being servile
Take for grantedWithout questioning something, assume it’s true.
Tie the knotGetting married
Around the clock24/7 available
That’s radThat’s awesome/cool.
I can’t even!This is something I can’t tolerate any longer!
No biggieNo problem at all
In the bagIn sports or contests, a certainty is usually something you want.
Get under one’s skinAnnoy/irritating
Ride shotgunTake the front passenger seat of a vehicle.
I’m inI will join you/I am willing to do so
Get firedBecome unemployed
Hit the booksFocused study
My badMy mistake
Rip (someone) offExcessive charges
Amped upEnergized and enthusiastic
On pointGreat, relevant, and appropriate information
Take a rain checkPut it off until later
The bombExhibits excellent or impressive qualities
Suck upBeing servile to gain someone’s approval
It suckedIt was a bad experience
Have a blastEnjoying the moment
Loose cannonUnpredictable or uncontrollable people who can cause harm unintentionally.
Wrap upPut an end to something
Hit the roadGo somewhere else (leave)
Armchair CEOProviding expertise in an area where the speaker lacks expertise
All-nighterChatting with friends or doing homework all night
In the zoneThe ability to perform at or above one’s best
Tune outTaking your eyes off the ball
Fauci ouchieCOVID-19 vaccine
Off the hookNo longer responsible, blameless removed
Off the chainReally good
Are you kidding me?Excited or frustrated phrase
Pass the buckAssign responsibility to someone else
What’s up?How are you? How’s it going?
All-earsInterested and ready to listen
Netflix and chillHaving sex while watching Netflix
Go dutchFood and drinks that are paid by each individual
To screw overExploit or cheat someone
Diamond handsRisking a lot of money
Straight fireTrendy, In style
No capNot lying
Big madA lot of anger
To aceExcel at (a test)
Spill the tea/spill the beansDisclosing gossip/secrets
Bye, FeliciaGenerally used to indicate the end of a conversation.

Text Slang Abbreviations in American English

  • Tbh – To be honest
  • ASAP – As soon as possible
  • OOMF – One of my friends/one of my followers (e.g. on social media)
  • Wth – What the hell?
  • FOMO – Fear of missing out
  • Hmu – Hit me up
  • CD9 – Can’t talk; parents are here!
  • LMIRL – Let’s meet in real life
  • FYI – For your information
  • Lmk – Let me know
  • LOL – Laugh out loud
  • A/S/L – Age/sex/location
  • Wbu – What about you?
  • SOB – Son of a bitch
  • RSVP – “repondez, s’il vous plait”– please respond
  • SO – Significant other
  • Psa – Public service announcement
  • j/k – Just kidding
  • Smh – Shake my head
  • CEO – Chief executive officer
  • GOAT – Greatest of all time
  • BAE – Before anyone else
  • TFW – That feeling when
  • OMG – Oh my god

Words used to refer to money in American Slangs

  • Bucks
  • Scratch
  • Pesos
  • Coin
  • Dough
  • Wampum
  • Greens
  • Skrilla
  • Plata
  • Greenbacks
  • Bread
  • Cheese
  • Dead Presidents

Tips for learning American English slang

If you’re looking for greater diversity, watch a lot of diverse programs that cater to many different demographics. You can combine NPR (National Public Radio), sitcoms, Vimeo, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and other social media channels to get a better understanding of what’s out there.

It’s never wrong to try something new, whether it’s with friends, family, or coworkers. Making mistakes is part of learning and maturing.


As you have now been introduced to a variety of slang terms and phrases used all over United States of America, can’t you see yourself eager to share what you have learned with your friends and family all over the state?

Do share it across your friends or to anyone who wants to learn american slangs or planning to travel in America.

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