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Abow meaning

Don’t know the abow meaning in Slang? All Slang Words have everything you need to know. Learn why abow slang is used for, along with examples.

Only 1 creature out of about 7.8 million is the most respectful and known on this earth just by its ability of uttering words which is called its language. So basically language is a powerful innate tool to communicate or express feelings such as love, aggression, grief etc.

It is divided into two categories, formal and informal, that have the same purpose to ‘convey a message’. We have lots of discussions on formal ways of communication. Let’s talk today about a informal language known as a “slang language“.

Slang, contains unorthodox morphemes which are used to present something new with old context. It is discourteous, odd and may be vulgar or improper. Its origin is uncertain and foggy because of its illegitimacy.

However, its first use appeared in the 1800s which was emitted by an immoral and corrupt class in London. As we are a product of the 21st century which can be called the social media age where any stupidity can go viral without any hurdle. Same Case with language especially slang language which is getting priority and popularity day by day. Let’s have a look at the viral slang “Abow”.

Abow Definition & Origin

The expression “Abow” is pronounced by our young generation that is addicted to TikTok, snapchat, instagram and facebook. Its rapid usage was started when famous rappers TarioP’s and ShantiiP’s played a song “Throw it back abow…” on their YouTube channel which later was frequently sung by TikTok influencers and got 158k within its two weeks. Now its having more than 2.5 Million views.

“He told me throw it back abow”

Before this, in December 2020, an artist 810smoke had highlighted the term in his track “blow the whistle” .

The merriam-webster dictionary shows it in two terms:

Source: Merriam-Webster

The Urban Dictionary shows a slightly different meaning from merriam-webster dictionary. Go through to the given two examples:

In Swedish dialect the slang “Abow” used to express surprise or shock like;

“Your present is just Abow! I am lucky to have such fams like you.”

ABOW Meaning on Social Media & Texting

‘Abow’ is being used on social media mainly on TikTok deliberately, to express admiration towards a thing, an action or event. It has become a challenge to speak this term and then perform on it. It is a Swedish slang which is the substitution of “WOW ” or “DAMN”. Currently “Abow” is appeared in texting and social media to show himself a trendy guy.

It is derived from Turkish and Arabic language with the same meaning that something is just astonished or pleasured. But basically “ABOW” is Swedish slang which is close to the expression of “O My God” or “O My gosh”, “WOW” and “Damn”.

Although, some linguists declare that it is formulated from Turkey which means it did not originate from TikTok commonly to express feelings.

Abow Usage with Examples

In Arabic language “Abow” used with same context like Sweden for “Wow or Damn”

  • Abow, what a great idea you gave Bro. I can’t even imagine it. How did it come to your mind?
  • I did it abow, abow. I can’t believe it.

Strangely Turkish used it because of European influence.

  • “I am gonna miss this, it is just abow moment. Thank you so much for making it so special for me!.”
  • “Abow, I love such a beautiful surprise that you are here with me to celebrate my birthday it’s just abow, abow.”

Abow Synonyms

  • Wow
  • OMG (Abbreviation for “Oh My Gosh”, or “Oh My God”)
  • Damn

Other Acronyms for Abow Slang

  • ABOW — A Band Of Wives
  • ABOW — Angels Beats Operation Wars (Video game)
  • ABOW — Advanced Base Ordnance Workshop

Ending remarks

Every word which is changed from formal to a very informal morpheme is always considered a slang word. Social media, which is now a revolutionary age of technology where any indecent or disrupted thing or expression can become a reel so easily, then it would be a waste of time to think and believe how it is possible. Well, we all accept the reality but shouldn’t compromise on morals and values of any language.


Why is the term “Abow” famous on social media?

Its main reason to go viral is to be used in a rap song by artists and become a trend and challenge to perform on it.

What is exactly meant by the expression Abow?

It simply can be called an enthusiastic expression about any action, thing or place.

Why people do prefer use word Abow instead of wow?

To show themselves trendy and fashionable on social media.

Is Abow a slang word?

Experts’ research shows that it is a slang term because it is a very informal expression of the formal word “wow” which is restricted to only social media like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram etc. No official group is involved in its use.

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