6 Common Collective Nouns for Dolphins

collective nouns for dolphins

Looking for the collective nouns for dolphins? Pod is one of the most common name used for Dolphins. Explore other names for group of dolphins.

Dolphins are friendly mammals with over 40 species, including the bottlenose dolphin, which is the most common.

Dolphins are mammals that live in water, look like fish, and swim in groups. One dolphin is unusual to find in open waters, because the dolphins live in groups. 

How do you refer to a group of dolphins? We have listed a few collective nouns for dolphins below.

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Collective Nouns for Dolphins

1. Pod

A group of dolphins is called a pod which is also used as a collective noun for dolphins is pod. Pods are usually composed of 12 dolphins, and they are dolphins’ social groups. Dolphins traveling and hunting in the open sea together make up this group.

In places where food is abundant, pods can join together to form large groups, called super pods, whose size can reach up to one thousand individuals. A super pod lasts for only a short time, and it dissolves afterward.

Example: While on a cruise last summer, we saw a pod of dolphins and it was really fascinating.

2. School

The term “school” is generally used to describe an entire population of fish. Dolphins, also aquatic mammals, are classified as a “school of dolphins” although they do not belong to the fish family. This term is now outdated for cetaceans and rarely used anymore.

Example: Every day, this area witnesses a school of dolphins passing by during sunset.

3. Display

A group of leaping dolphins is called a display. A group of dolphins soaring out of the water and diving back in is one of their signature moves.

Example: It’s amazing to see a display of dolphins!

4. Flock

Flocks of dolphins are commonly known as a group of dolphins swimming in a playful manner together.

Example: Hey fam, look at that beautiful flock of dolphins.

5. Herd

The collective noun herd is used to refer to a large group of animals. Dolphins form a herd because they live together as a community with other dolphins.

Example: A herd of dolphins would be amazing to swim with!

6. Team

Teamwork is one of the strengths of dolphins, since they hunt in groups and circle around their prey before feeding. They are smart creatures who are able to communicate with each other.

Example: It was fascinating to watch a documentary about team of dolphins on hunting for food together.

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