33 Meaning In Texting & Social Media (Uses & Examples)

33 meaning in texting and social media

Have anyone used <33 while texting but you don’t know the 33 Meaning in Texting & Social Media The number <33 signifies love or affection. See examples in this article.

In case you are wondering what the <33 means when chatting with friends on social media, then don’t worry because in this article we’ll be explaining what <33 means in texting and why people use it along with examples. 

What does <33 Meaning in Texting & Social Media?

In texting, <33 means “Heart ” but a big one as compared to <3 (). Don’t mix them up. Both are the same. Only the difference is that <33 is meant to stand out more, showing greater intensity.

On social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and others, <33 is often referred to as a way of conversing or expressing emotions.

33 Meaning in Texting & Social Media

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As you have found out, 33 is a popular texting abbreviation. It shouldn’t be confusing anymore since you now know its meaning. If you want to learn the meaning of other popular texting abbreviations like 33, we have a guide for you.

There are several possible meanings that can be attributed to the number 33 in texting. Most commonly, however, it is regarded as a sign of affection. It is basically an emoticon created by the numbers. To make these numbers meaningful, you must place a minus sign (<) in front of them. In this manner, it appears to be two hearts arranged side by side.

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Other Meanings for <33

There are a few other things it can mean, but they are rarely used this way.

  • Kisses 
  • Having an amorous relationship, kissing and cuddling.

Examples of <33 in Text Slang

James – Let’s celebrate your birthday party tonight at your favorite restaurant.
Emma – OMG, really? I love you. <33

Sophia – You’ve always been there for me. Why is it so?
Liam – Because I really love you Sophia. <33 

Related Slangs

  • HTHT – Heart-to-Heart Talk 
  • H2H – Heart To Heart” or “Head To Head 
  • <3 – Heart
  • H4H – Heart for Heart 
  • HTH – Heart To Heart 
  • HHIM – Heart to Heart International Ministries 
  • FAM


I hope that you have been able to gain a more complete understanding of what <33 means in texting or social media. If it has been useful to you, please share this article with your friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does <33 stand for?

<33 signifies “heart”.

How to abbreviate “heart”?

The abbreviation for “heart” is either <33 or <3.

What is <33 abbreviation?

It’s a genetic code for a “heart”.

What does <33 mean?

<33 represents “heart”.

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